2014 Not So Fast!

At the conclusion of each year, I make a list of my favorite things. Here is my humble list of music, movies, books, and other things that put a smile on my face or made me cry. Sometimes a good cry is a good thing.

My Wife and Kids– This journey is best experienced with a tribe.  I highly suggest marriage and children.   I couldn’t have successfully navigated this year without their love, influence, and prayers.


Shake it Off – Catchy ditty that I had to practice a few times this year alongside singer/songwriter Taylor Swift.

Trees – I bought four little trees this year just because I could.  I love them.  Does this make me a tree hugger?

Clearing the Clutter – I cleaned out my life this year by parting with the past.  My life over the years made its way into Rubbermaid tubs.  I opened them and chose to let go.  Gave away some.  Trashed some.  Sold some.  I lightened the load.

A Puppy Named Ian – We got a dog this year.  He died three months later.  Sad for the whole family, but he was wonderful for the three months we had him.  He spent each morning sitting with me in our sideyard.


Reading Novels – I read six novels at the beginning of the summer.  None of them changed my life; simply read for fun.

Rend Collective – Crazy Irish band playing songs for God.

The Story of Marriage – John and Lisa Bevere’s transparent teaching on marriage.  They used themselves as examples and made me thankful for people who tell the truth and don’t pretend.

Flea Market Flip – I have seen every episode and now I want to go to a giant market and flip stuff of my own.  I have my hammer and staple gun ready to go.

No One Could Know – The most honest book I’ve ever read about restoration.   Hurting people need to read it and be healed.


Hoda and Kathie Lee – Sometimes I watch them just because they’re fun.  Not enough fun in this world.

Sam Smith’s voice – Amazing.  I can’t focus on the lyrics because the voice gets in the way!!

Squirrel Watching – Two squirrels moved in across the street.   This version of Chip and Dale has been more fun to watch than the Disney mirage.

100 Foot Journey– Wife and I both cried during this movie.   Crying movies with real story are the best.  This movie just crept into my top twenty-five movies of all time.

This year I decided to add my dislike list.

What I didn’t enjoy in 2014:

  1. Facebook used as a weapon.
  2. Dog dying.
  3. Reality television.
  4. Robin William and Joan Rivers’ final curtain call.
  5. Garth Brooks having his retirement revoked.
  6. The gloom and doom of Divergent.
  7. Bombs of discontent tossed into my lap.
  8. The disgustingly awful book “Finding Alaska.”

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